Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Make Up

There are little quirks we all have. I have a few but the ones that pull at me are my shyness and my low self esteem. To some of you I am not shy. But I truly am. I have canceled plans because I am scared or nervous. I don't go out a lot because I am afraid of what others will think. I hate these things and I am working them out slowly. Some times it helps to have someone or a team of someone's in your corner.

But for my friends who have reached out and pulled me in...thank you.

For the one who reached out to me again after some time - I love being your friend and I love how I feel so at ease with you. I look up to you because your calmness soothes me, your patience inspires me and just who you are makes you my role model. When I am "spazzing out" you ground me. I am so grateful that you pulled me in especially when I really needed someone.

For the one who is shy like me but doesn't show it to me at all. For all your encouragement and cheering me on I thank you. You are an ego booster.

For the friend I don't see very often- you make me feel good with your compliments. You are such a great person I don't think you even realize it. Even though I don't talk to you every day, every week - maybe once a month you know it's just like yesterday we spoke. And the things you have done to make me feel good about myself has not gone un-noticed. I hope to give you that in return.

For the friend who makes me laugh. Sometimes a good giggle is all I need. Just that is enough to cement our friendship.

For the friends who have re entered my life after some time. I have missed you. Even though I don't say it I am glad you are back in my life.

For the new friends who have come along recently - thanks for helping get me out of my shell.

To all of you - thank you for hanging in through my shyness, moods and all that comes with me.

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