Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Introducing....She Used To Be Me

She At Ages 5 Thru 13 – Low self esteem, bullied on a daily basis, very sensitive, insecure in the love of her parents, not very many friends, shy, very skinny

She At Ages 13 And A Half 18 and 364 Days – A fun loving, carefree girl who loved life, loved to laugh, hopeless romantic, sensitive, patient, caring, future world traveling journalist, very skinny still, insecure sometimes.

She From Ages 19 To 23 And One Third – On the road to self destruction, low self esteem, in a bad marriage, slowly gaining weight and not caring, not caring about anything except her *Miracles*.

She From Ages 23 And One Third Until 40 And 364 Days – Learning to love her self, married to the love of her life, has a and loves her family very much, is secure in her parents, children's and husband's love (most days), diagnosed with Depression at 29 years old, fighting to overcome depression, overweight (according to the BMI – morbidly), low self esteem, creative, compassionate, a little lost at times.

Me Since February 20th, 2010 – A new outlook on life, acknowledging I will fight depression, self esteem and weight issues for a lot more years. BUT knowing I will fight and win out. It is time for ME to shine, time for ME to love myself, time for ME to work this shit out.

You will notice this is going to be written in fractions of time. There will be flashbacks so as to explain how I got to where I was. And how I am working to change. How I want to truly BE ME.

I am writing this as a healing journey for myself. This is in essence my self-discovery. I will be sharing intimate details of my life – some good – some not so good.

But this is for me. While I like feedback I do not like nastiness. I already have self esteem issues without someone from the peanut gallery dishing out the bad stuff. That being said I do welcome comments, questions, ideas, and compliments will warrant a mention on the blog – of course!

Tomorrow we begin the journey of healing and self discovery.