Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yesterday - Me Turned Into She

It is really no big surprise that I have depression. I have a friend who used to say she "suffers depression" - whatever. We are not southern belles prone to fainting spells for crying out loud. While I may have depression I work hard every day to feel good. I make sure I do my hair and make up every day. Take my meds like I am supposed to and stay away from triggers that will set me back.

Yesterday, I reverted into sadness for the better part of the day into the early evening. Then I began doing some repairs on some pants and it lifted. I think I was so sad yesterday because there is a lot of death around me. Not in my life but in people around me and I found myself feeling grief for them. I have a friend tell me it is because I am an artist and they are more sensitive. I know I am more sensitive. I always have been. The thing about yesterday is that I went low so very fast and it scared me. I hate feeling like that. I felt like I was reverting back to who I used to be. I have learned in the past few months to be more confident in myself and my talents. I have even went as far to remove people from my life who are negative and bring me down. I have discovered doing something I love helped me feel much much better. I plan on doing that more often.

Today I woke up feeling fabulous. It was just what I was wishing for.

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