Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The top picture is my GOAL dress. I got it for my birthday, I absolutely love it! Except even though it is a size 18 it is more like a size 16. I need to lose 2 sizes to fit into it.

I plan on losing weight however, I don't want to say how much I weigh (self-esteem issues). So, I just know that I want to get down to a size 13 from a size 20-22.

Today is start day! Healthy living for me. I plan on walking to work each day and bringing a good healthy lunch to my husband too.

I hate pictures of myself but I decided to post one. It will be a kind of like a before picture. Quite honestly I am too embarrassed to post a full body shot. My body is not something I am proud of. Ok, except my boobs. I love them...;)

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