Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Playing Catch Up

You may be wondering where I've been...I will catch you all up as best I can. Above is a picture of the Canadian Kitchen Queens. I got this idea from Tara over at Jimmy Choos and Tennis Shoes. This was our second event and we had a blast! It's so nice to have a group of ladies get together and eat, laugh and share life experiences! I can't wait for next months - it is our Summer Lovin' BBQ.


On another more scary and sad note a week ago yesterday my hubby had a t i a(mini stroke) that had the kids and I calling 911, holding him down and waiting for the ambulance. It was the scariest 20 minutes of our lives (it took that long for him to be himself again) but a severe headache and other symptoms prompted the ER doctor to call it a t i a and admit him. He stayed in the hospital from then until Saturday morning. While there he quit smoking, we were educated HUGE on diabetes, stroke, blood pressure and chloesteral. We have changed our how eating style and it has bee quite ok. He misses his Pepsi but we have comprimised he can have a 1/2 can IF he exercises which he does. We bought bikes and have been bike riding. I have discovered muscles I haven't used in a long long time.

Anyhow, that's it for now. I just noticed the time and it is time to get ready for work and make lunches.

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