Sunday, July 18, 2010

He Makes Me Proud

For a few years I went through a phase where I almost couldn't be in the same room as my middle boy as we would bicker and I hated it. I missed my happy go lucky boy, I missed the kid that lived for sports and bike riding, I just plain missed my kid.

This was MY boy.

When my ex and I separated he was just about 5 months old and I got to enjoy him alone without an interference. I cried his first day of school even though 3 went before him and 1 after. Even through issues with his dad begging him to move in with him, he still stayed with me. Even when they tried to pretty much brain wash him into leaving and going there, he stayed. He loves his step dad a lot and I think that played a factor in him staying.

This past 3 months has been full of trials and tribulations for our family. My husband, literally our family's universe,had 2 strokes. When he was told he couldn't work we worried about money. This man-boy stepped up got a full time job and helped pay the bills. He does without to give to us.

Today, he bought a car because ours died four months ago and the money is just not there. He says it is OUR car. When I try to say I will give him money towards it, he refuses. I will pay half the insurance however. There are no ,ifs ands or buts about it.

But still he makes my heart swell with pride. I can't believe the man he is becoming. I can't believe the love.

But I do know - this it my BOY.

Love you J with all my heart -you will never know how much this has meant to us. ~Love Mom

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